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 Sac To Kings Admin/Mod App.

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Sac To Kings

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PostSubject: Sac To Kings Admin/Mod App.   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:32 pm

Hello, my in game name, both here and in real Runescape is, Sac To Kings, ive been playing rs since 02 and rsps since 08, i think i should be part of your staff bc u prolly will not come by a person like me very often, u can talk to me many diffrent ways, and easy to get a hold of, i will look over ur sever like it was my own... ive been co owner in Jesusk0 and admin in a few others, but they failed bc they couldnt afford vps for very long lol... soo yea thx for reading, i look forward to ur response

-Sac To Kings
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Sac To Kings Admin/Mod App.
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