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 I Pk Mods I Apply to !Forum! and !Ingame! Moderator

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I Pk Mods I

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PostSubject: I Pk Mods I Apply to !Forum! and !Ingame! Moderator   Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:21 pm

i want to apply me to a Mod. I was more than five times Moderator, and i have more experience.
Im Erik, 17 Years old. Im living in Germany, and play real runescape too. Smile
I began playing Runescape 2004. <3

I know myself very much with private servers, and i want to help players Ingame.
I know all commands, how to spawn ect.

many greetings,

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I Pk Mods I Apply to !Forum! and !Ingame! Moderator
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